Steam removes several games from its catalog

Steam is a platform full of games of the most diverse types. And when I say different, it is different


But it seems that Steam decided to clean that catalog and removed about a hundred titles completely from the catalog

Valve has a habit of making these cleans and it's not a relatively new thing, but if you want to see with your own eyes what games have been removed, please click here.

According to PC Gamer, the reason would be "the discovery of partners who were using Steamworks tools in the wrong way". A company representative also explained that those affected were notified.

It is worth remembering that no big budget game or any known studio has been removed. The vast majority were projects of the Russian company Dagestan Technology.

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About Steam

Steam is digital rights management software created by Valve Corporation or Valve LLC, from digital platforms such as games and programming applications and provides easy services such as automatic game updates, and affordable prices for users

Steam currently has approximately 65 million active users, and averages daily access to 8,5 million accounts at the same time

Anyway, for more news, please click here.

But to access the Valve website, please click here.

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