Stream Smart Business holds contest with $10 prize

In addition to the amount of money, the company will bring the winning project to life with a free token creation consultancy

The world of cryptoactives is on the rise in the market, with the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) model having drawn more attention. One of the main reasons for this growth is the use of blockchain technology, allowing for more security and transparency, in addition to making it possible to fractionate assets and deliver simpler access to investments than the traditional market.

Knowing the potential that this sector has, the creators of World Stream Finance, creators of the ﹩tream digital asset are taking a new step. The company is diversifying its portfolio by providing services to the DeFi market, and its new launched token, the SSB, raised more than 800 reais in its pre-sales.

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Stream smart business
Stream Smart Business Team

Meet the Stream Smart Business Contest

“The idea for the project was born in August of this year, and since its creation, we have taken several measures, such as the creation of the company's physical headquarters and also the transmission studio, the organization of the responsible team and structuring of computers and equipment to make the work possible. Our new token, in just 48 hours, collected more than 240 BNBs in the pre-sales, which corresponds to more than 800 thousand reais”, comments Fernando Nogueira “Moonk”, CEO of WorldStream Finance.

One of the services that the company is providing in this new stage is the consultancy for the creation of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. And to attract new projects, they are holding a contest to attract tokenization ideas that have not yet come out of the paper in the market.

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“Tokenizing an asset is a step towards democratizing access to investment. We know that very soon, this process will be adopted by all companies, as it facilitates even more access for people to invest. There are many innovative projects that can add value to the market and, therefore, we decided to create this competition to give life to these ideas that have not yet come out of the paper”, emphasizes Fernando Nogueira “Moonk”.

For those who want to participate in the contest, you need to pay attention to the Stream Smart Business social media. The company will provide the link to the application form on November 15th, and will close at the end of December. The winner will be announced in January, and the winner will receive $10 toward project costs, plus all support for creating and maintaining your tokenized project.

Now, leave it in the comments if you liked the contest idea. Enjoy and read more about criptomoedas on our website.

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