Meet the new Dungeon Sykarakia in Black Desert Online

The second territory of Atoraxxion presents new challenges even more difficult than the previous one, Vahmalkea

Pearl Abyss announced that Sykarakia, the second act of the Atoraxxion dungeon, is now available in the PC version of Black Desert. The content arrives on consoles from next Wednesday (13). Designed to present extreme difficulty, far superior to Vahmalkea, the desert stronghold, this content will contemplate adventurers who are looking for a new cooperative PvE (Player vs Environment) challenge.

Atoraxxion is a cooperative dungeon created specifically to present new PvE challenges designed for groups of five adventurers. Following the 1st act of Atoraxxion, which has a desert theme, Sykarakia presents a beautiful and mysterious dungeon located underwater. Adventurers can reach the site using the Talibre Tear in the Stone Chamber of the Elders or through the Herbuta Gate.

Check out the Sykarakia trailer here

Adventurers can find and unravel a host of new puzzles and challenges as they hunt monsters, including the final boss, Sentirutos. The power supply system is essential to defeating Sentirutos, so controlling it in cooperation with your team is the key to victory.

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Black Desert is Pearl Abyss' open-world action MMORPG franchise that redefines the genre, bringing cutting-edge visuals and skill-focused combat. With the most advanced game character customization system on the market, users can break the mold and create unique characters that truly represent themselves. The franchise also features intuitive controls, meticulously designed worlds and extensive lore that will thrill newcomers and veterans of MMO games and action RPGs alike. The Black Desert franchise has more than 40 million players worldwide across PCs, mobile phones and consoles.

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