The Game Turned in Free Fire

The battle royale's new branding campaign started on the 17th and will bring insertions in the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, as well as special in-game rewards

Looks like the Game Turned on Free Fire, doesn't it? Thinking about reflecting the inclusive factor of its community, Garena launched on the 17th, the first Free Fire brand campaign in Brazil. The mobile game, which has more than 150 million active players daily in the world, according to data from May 2021, extrapolated the screens and is now part of people's lives and daily lives, whether as a career, as a style or even as fun .

The “O Jogo Virou” project will come to life in the most varied formats such as TV, online and on social networks and “Out Of Home”, that is, billboards, panels and physical activations in the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

As the main piece, the “O Jogo Virou” movie shows how Free Fire reverberates throughout Brazil, making references to the game in each scene. There are more than 20 easter eggs – whether through costumes inspired by the game's skins, the presence of influencers and pro-players, hidden codes, game characters, and much more.

“For us, it's very important to connect pop culture with impactful projects, digital entertainment and offer the best experiences to the widest possible audience. With this, we can maintain our genuine, innovative and inclusive brand for the Free Fire community in Brazil and worldwide”, says Fernando Mazza, Head of Operations at Garena Brasil.

Available in the most diverse scenarios, such as bus stops, shopping malls, subway stations and more, “Jogo Virou” will also feature some easter eggs scattered throughout the campaign that can be rescued directly in the game.

The Game Turned on Free Fire. In and out

Game turned in free fire
Free Fire

Within Free Fire, fans will have access to various special rewards starting today (18). Anyone who logs in between now and October 26th can redeem a classic skin and use it for 3 days. One skin per day* will be available, such as Mano Milgrau's, the Tech Style and Swag Style Sets and the Guria and Moleque Angelical skins, among others. In total, there are nine skins and the availability of the complete set can be seen in the image above.

Another highlight of the campaign in October is the reward on the 23rd, when players will be able to redeem an original Free Fire** character for free upon login. In addition, daily in-game quests will have tokens and tickets as a reward that can be used to redeem rewards such as the Blue Angel Set (female).

*The redemption can only be done for 24 hours
**Except characters from partnerships such as Chrono, Alok, DVLM, KSHMR, Thiva Skyler, Maro and Jai

In November, the campaign will gain more news for fans inside and outside the game. For more information about Free Fire, follow the game's social networks on Facebook, Instagram e Twitter..Free Fire can be downloaded from App Store e Google PlayStore. Enjoy and read more News on our website and leave it in the comments if you liked this new feature.

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