Thunder Tier One will be released on December 7th on Steam

Pre-order now available; game will have support for mods since its release

The Thunder Tier One development team has announced that the game will be officially released on December 7, 2021, but is now available on pre-order for R$45,99. The pre-order of the tactical shooting title with top-down vision is now available through Steam. The announcement trailer is also available and can be watched by clicking here.

Thunder Tier One is a realistic game where players join an elite special operations team tasked with stopping terrorist organizations responsible for the chaos in Salobia, a fictional eastern European country.

With four-player co-op, online or solo PVP with team members controlled by artificial intelligence, players must carefully select their equipment and use all tactical skills to succeed in the campaign's nine missions.

Discover Thunder Tier One game modes

In addition, TTO includes new game modes such as Exfil, Domination – the latter presented during the Gameplay Preview Bravo – in addition to Advance & Secure and Deathmatch. The game will have mod support since launch, allowing players to create and modify missions, weapons, AI behavior, equipment and more.

One of the Thunder Tier One's standout features is its realism and attention to detail. Each weapon has unique attributes such as handling, rate of fire, exit speed, range and accuracy. These characteristics, combined with the type of ammunition used, will determine how accurate the players' shots will be and how effective they will be at penetrating different materials.

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Thunder tier one
Thunder Tier One

For more information and future updates on Thunder Tier One, visit the official Steam page, log into the Discord channel, and follow the game on Twitter and Facebook. Talk to us in the comments and let us know if you liked this news and take the opportunity to read more News on our website.

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