Ronaldo Fenômeno opens Twitch channel, Ronaldo TV

The channel makes its official debut today (25/11) at 19pm with a live Call of Duty with the presence of Gaulish and Ninext streamers

Ronaldo TV content hub, which will be broadcast on Twitch, will bring topics such as sports, entertainment and culture to the public. Ronaldo Fenômeno, who made history as a player and is now a successful businessman, will show a new facet: that of a content creator. This Thursday, the ”  Ronaldo TV “: a channel on Twitch where he'll make lives by playing games, commenting on football, broadcasting events and interacting with fans and other content creators.

The first streaming transmission takes place this Thursday, at 19 pm (GMT). The channel, a content hub, will bring to the public the worldview of the ace and his great passions: sport, entertainment and culture. The channel makes its official debut today (25/11) at 19pm with a live Call of Duty with the presence of Gaulish and Ninext, two great Brazilian steamers with a history with COD. 

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“When the pandemic started, isolation led me to immerse myself more deeply in the gaming world. I started playing more and felt an increasing need to connect with fans, interact, give back. Watching lives also became routine, I became more interested in the virtual universe and the way young people are connected, changing habits and, consequently, consumption patterns. It was living through this process that the idea of ​​Ronaldo TV came up.”, explained Ronaldo. 

Ronaldo TV
Ronaldo TV

Ronaldo TV wants to inspire people

With the mission to inspire people and bring them closer to the Phenomenon, “Ronaldo TV” will do lives from his bedroom or wherever he is to talk about current affairs or have fun with friends. All live on Twitch and with a lot of interaction with the public. Those who are unable to watch them live will have the option to see the highlights on “Youtube”, on the “Cortes Ronaldo TV” channel. 

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One of the events that is already on the schedule for December is the “Galáticos Open”, a charity tennis tournament, on behalf of the “Fundação Fenomenos”. From December 12th to 19th, Ronaldo will receive his friends at his house for a competition. In addition to the events, he has plans to buy broadcast rights, host a podcast and launch a content production company. In the first phase of “Ronaldo TV”, the channel, in partnership with Call of Duty, will broadcast a tournament of “Call of Duty: Warzone” that will bring together for players and football players 

“Ronaldo TV” is a project by the holding ODDZ Network, launched this year, operating in the sports and entertainment markets, among others. ODDZ focuses on transforming the fan journey by providing unique experiences. The holding's content director, Marco Antonio Araújo explained some of the project's objectives. 

“We want the public to get to know Ronaldo up close and create intimacy with him. Ronaldo will talk to the chat audience all the time, we want a lot of interaction. “Ronaldo TV” will bring authenticity, good humor and lots of entertainment. He will turn on the camera to chat, play games or comment on the games of the main world championships. In addition, the channel will open the doors to other creators who will connect with Ronaldo's huge fan base.” 

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