Valorant: Check FAQ with everything you need to know!

First, on Facebook, the official game profile posted a FAQ, answering frequently asked questions of the Brazilian players of Valorant; we will leave the FAQ below with your due credits for the information.

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How do I get access to Valorant's Closed Beta in Brazil?

Anyway, watching Valorant streams on Twitch that have drops enabled.

  • There is no key to access Valorant. You get it only through Twitch and this access is automatically activated in your account when the drop falls for you.
  • To have the chance to gain access it is important that you have an account in the BR region linked to your Twitch account.
  • If you managed to get access to the NA Beta, you have to unlink the NA account and link the BR account on Twitch to compete for access again. NA access does not work in the BR beta.
  • The distribution started to be made today, 04/05, but the access will only be released even tomorrow. So if you get a drop for the Beta of Brazil today, calm down that tomorrow everything will be fine.

Which streamer do I have to watch for the chance to get the drop?

  • Any Twitch streamer who has been playing Valorant with enabled drop gives you a chance to get access. The streamer can be from Brazil or from another region of the world.
    How can I increase the chances of getting the drop?
  • Unfortunately not. The only way is to watch Valorant streams with drop enabled.
  • Choose a stream from an influencer you like, from the smallest to the largest. The chances are the same. ?
  • It has no magic and no hidden secret to increase the chances of getting the drop, not even opening 293287186183 tabs with different streams. : 3
  • If I buy skins in Brazil's Closed Beta, will they be in my account when the game is released?
    No. It will only keep what you achieve in the Beta pass. Any purchase with VALORANT POINTS will be refunded with an additional 20% bonus.
    Useful links:

    How to connect the Riot account
    Heads up! Review the account being linked to Twitch so that access is not given to an account you are not using. So, make sure that the linked account is one that you have access to and already use to play.
    Anyway, check here if your account is linked and if you received the drop.

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