Valorant Viper: How to play with the character!

Well, first of all, we are going to make a series of posts on how to play with the characters of Valorant, today, it is Viper, the American toxic agent that uses poisonous chemical devices to ensure control of the field and vision.

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About Viper and his skills

Like all Valorant characters, Viper has 4 main skills that differentiate her from her companions

Snake poison

It is a skill very similar to the CS: GO molotov, for example; In it, Viper plays a chemist who will damage all enemies who are there.

Viper's snakebite ability in valorant
Image via: Polygon

Some tips for using the skill:

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  • This is not the ability with the most potential damage for the character, but it serves very well in defense to prevent an enemy door or passage to the bomb site.
  • It is also a good skill to check any corner of the map, as it can be used with ricochet, so there is no need to show your face to see if there are any enemies waiting for you.

Poison Cloud

Play a gas emitter in which you can activate or deactivate at fuel cost (which is a character mechanic). You can play somewhere and get the skill back to reposition if you need to change the position

viper smoke
Image via: Polygon

Some tips for using this skill:

  • It is not a skill that has a good function to be used as smoke in the attack, to close the enemy's possibilities, so try not to use it if your team has other possibilities like Brimstone for example.
  • Some of the good uses of this ability can be, for example, to put on top of the bomb and activate, both to recover in attack and to hide from enemies in defense.

Toxic Curtain

In this skill, Viper throws a toxic curtain that covers a good part of any Valorant map, and can even divide the bomb site into two parts.

The valorant viper wall
Image via: Polygon

Some tips for using this skill:

  • As stated above, the ability covers a large part of the map, which can be used to cover the view of the bomb site's enemies, giving a great position advantage when attacking.
  • When used very early in the game as an attack, it can give a prediction to enemies which bomb your team will attack on, causing them to come quickly to the other side. So it can be a good skill to create distractions.

Ultimate skill: Venomous pit

Viper opens a huge toxic cloud that occupies a very large area and will stay there as long as Viper stays inside. Enemies within the toxic cloud are spotted for Viper.

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ultimate viper
Image via: Polygon

Some tips for using this skill:

  • The ability to damage ALL characters inside except for Viper, this includes allies as well.
  • Viper can leave the cloud for a while, however, a timer appears on the screen showing how long the cloud will be deactivated. If Viper enters the cloud again, the timer returns to zero. You can use this to spot an enemy pixel and kill it.
  • This ability also has a great synergy with short-range weapons, such as shotguns and submachine guns; since Viper will be in a large area where her enemies cannot know where she is.

Map spots for Viper

As stated earlier, Viper can use its skills to cover the opposing team's vision very well and also gain control of the map. Below we see a curtain used on the Split map for bomb A on the attack side, in which the curtain covers the Ramp and also the nickname “Heaven”

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