Xbox Series S: Console to be revealed in August?

Recently in May, Microsoft talked a little bit about its plans for the second part of 2020, and among them, there would be a series of monthly videos that would reveal details about its new next generation consoles. In May, the video was focused on showing videos of games from other companies that would come out for the new Xbox. Now in July, the video is being quoted to show games from Microsoft studios coming out for the new Xbox Series X. But what about plans for the Xbox Series S, the most cost-effective console?

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The PlayStation event ended up breaking Microsoft and its console a bit, causing the June event to be postponed. And according to Eurogamer, the idea that Sony should show its console first, was precisely for the reason of the August event possibly showing another version of the Microsoft console, called the Xbox Series S.

Xbox series s
Xbox Series S: Console to Be Unveiled in August? | Xbox Series S

When will the official Xbox Series S reveal?

The Xbox Series S will possibly be revealed on the Xbox Inside in August, and so far we have some very interesting information about the console. According to some rumors, the console will have the same CPU as the Series X, however, it will have a less powerful TFLOP 4 GPU and about 7,5 GB of RAM; which makes you think that the console will focus on running games at 1080p / 60fps or 1440p at 30 fps.

Anyway, the idea of ​​the Xbox Series S is to deliver a console with a higher cost-benefit ratio, so that it serves people of all income groups. Xbox adopted more or less the same strategy with the Xbox One S during this generation; having a launch price of $ 100 lower than the regular Xbox One.

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