Best Starter Cards in Splinterlands

Let's talk a little about some of the best starting cards in Splinterlands and ideas for strategies for using them in battle

Like any new card game, Splinterlands can cause some confusion for anyone looking to get started. Monsters that are melee types that attack from the back row, ranged monsters that don't attack at close range, and other common doubts that can arise in every beginner's mind. Here, since this is a game to win cryptocurrencies, these doubts can even cost you money. So let's help players know some good cards to focus on.

The learning curve in Splinterlands can be high, and while you can learn a lot about the game just by playing, a lot of valuable information can also come from more experienced players, sharing their strategies in player communities and sharing them with each other, as in peakD, such as the Meele Mayhem, All Sneak and others. Battling and understanding the cards and powers of each of the various types available in the game will help you get started right in the game. So, see some of the cards most sought after by players and how they can help you in Splinterlands.

Beginner cards in splinterlands

Quick FAQ

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands combines the collecting ability and resale value of physical collectible card games with the convenience and speed of a digital game. The game is available on PC, Android and iOS.

What are the advantages of a blockchain-based game?

Using blockchain technology they can now buy, sell and transfer their digital assets for free, just as they can with physical assets. Furthermore, blockchain technology introduced the concepts of true digital scarcity and complete transparency.

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For the first time, digital assets have been created that cannot be copied or printed at will, and every transaction that takes place is published in an immutable public ledger that cannot be falsified and that anyone can independently verify.

What is the Invocation book?

The Summoner's spellbook can be purchased from the in-game store for $10 via
PayPal or multiple cryptocurrencies. Purchasing the summoner spellbook allows you to choose a unique account name, access your blockchain account keys, unlock the ability to earn real value rewards, and much more!

Is there a version for mobile devices?

The Splinterlands mobile web app is currently available on the website you can access in any browser mobile. It is currently still in alpha as it was recently released and is still in testing and development. If you have any problems with the mobile web app version of the game, please let us know on the mobile-tech-support Discord channel.

Best Starter Cards in Splinterlands

If you don't know anything about the game, it's best to start reading our basic guide and understand how cards, splinters, mana work and how you can start earning your cryptocurrencies with the game. And, if you still want to learn more about cryptocurrencies, take advantage and take one of these books from Amazon to study more and increase your income.

sea ​​monster

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At the beginning of Beta, the Sea Monster was one of the tanks. There wasn't a huge choice of tanks, so when playing a high mana game with the water splinter, players often had to make do with the Sea Monster in the early slots. This has changed recently now that we have other great tank options available and also more neutral tanks like the Chain Golem.

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However, there are still deck configurations and starting possibilities that the card shows its full potential. Two examples are:

Low level matches: Sea Monster starts with 8 HP at level 1 and already has the ability to heal. This is difficult, if not impossible, to overcome for most low-level attackers. The damage they will deal to the Sea Monster will be restored by your healing in the next round. Especially powerful when combined with an additional healer in the back rows.

All Sneak / Melee Mayhem: Sea Monster gains Thorns skill at level 6. Therefore, it is a perfect card to use among other monsters with Thorns skill in an All Sneak or Melee Mayhem match, where your opponent will likely use a large amount of melee cards. Let them get hurt!

Lost Legendaries: Sea Monster is a great alternative when other powerful high mana cards are blocked due to the Lost Legendaries rule set.

water elemental

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If you are a new player in the lower leagues, it is recommended to get a lower level version from the market. With two ranged attacks, 4 HP and the level 1 healing ability, this is very powerful. As the levels progress, the card gains ATK and HP and at level 5 it also unlocks the Dodge skill, making it even harder to hit than it would be with its already fast 5 speed points.

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With these first editing cards, the Splinterlands team still had to find the best balance between upgrade costs and additional power for the upper and maximum levels. Some Beta and Early Reward Edition cards just aren't worth leveling up when comparing the power of the upgrade to its costs. So, it is necessary to evaluate well before investing too much in a card or not, as some may undergo modifications in subsequent versions of the game in the name of balancing.

Raising a Water Elemental from level 6 to 7, for example, would need to almost double your investment in the card and it would still lose one HP. As it is a good card to stealthily counterattack (due to its Dodge and high speed it can avoid attacks very efficiently), it would be counterproductive for this strategy.

All Sneak and Melee Mayhem: In these rule sets, Water Elemental can be used to frustrate your opponent. Your dodge skill and high speed will cause some of your attacks to fail and give you more time to counterattack before they break your back line.

equalizer: Using Heal monsters in Equalizer, as well as Protect, Weaken or other abilities that change the balance in hits before dying, can make a big difference when you're even in terms of HP with your opponent.

Harmful Vapors: In a set of rules where all monsters lose health each round, a monster that heals is an obvious choice.

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Molt Ogre

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With 3 ATK, 10 HP and Demoralize, the Ogre is already quite difficult at level 1. When at most it is a beast with 5 ATK, 14 HP and in addition to Demoralize, also the powerful Trample skill. With 5 ATK, the Ogre will likely do multiple kills in battle, so the chance of Trample being triggered is a powerful ace up your team's sleeve. The only real disadvantages of the Ogre are its high mana cost and slow speed.

Reverse Speed:In this set of rules, the Ogre's slowness turns into a strength. By attacking first, depending on your opponent's choice of tank, you can already score a kill and proceed to Trample.

Stampede: This one of the latest rule sets is made for cards like the Ogre. In Stampede rule sets, your Trample ability can trigger multiple times, so you can eliminate your opponent's team in a single turn. Combining Ogre with Giant Roc (which also has Trample) is a good strategy to maximize this effect.

Melee Mayhem / All Sneak with High Mana: When playing low mana, it is preferable to fill the monster slots with multiple low-mana monsters rather than using one big one. But with high mana, the Ogre can be a good choice, because your opponent will likely use a lot of melee monsters, putting his Demoralize ability to its best use.

In the case of Unlimited Mana matches and Orc Preferred Rules there are other better options for the six monster slots.

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Blast Dwarf

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What defines Dwarf is its high ATK, its high speed and its minimalist HP. With abilities like Blast, Pierce, Trample and Retaliate, he can easily take three cards off his opponent before he has a chance to hit even once. The Explosive Dwarf is an ultra-niche. With only 1 HP, it can only be used efficiently with certain rule sets. Prominent examples are:

Melee Mayhem and All Sneak: Hoping your opponent doesn't use a Thorns card that would make the Dwarf kill himself, the Dwarf can be used in the middle row. Place it slightly in front for All Sneak and a little back for Melee Mayhem to have it well protected among other monsters. Even if the dwarf died for Thorns, there's a chance he'll take down one or two of your opponent's monsters first.

Equalizer: This is the set of rules where low HP cards with high abilities shine. The dwarf is no exception.

Low Mana: Low Mana games usually give you an opponent using many low HP cards or just one high HP card. If the dwarf attacks first, his high ATK has a high chance of causing several instant kills.

Defender of Truth

Best starter cards in splinterlands | 35d4d6e7 denfender | married games tips/guides | android, bitcoin, bitcoins, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrencies, ios, mobile, pc, splintersland | beginner cards in splinterlands

Upgrading this card to level 5 may not be a good idea. At level 5, Defender gains an additional magic attack point, but loses one life. This is a considerable downgrade will cause him to be killed much faster by monsters with Magic Reflect skill and being a support monster with his Protect skill (+2 armor for all friendly monsters), he should survive as long as possible. Kind of obvious to say that it's best to use it on rule sets where armor is useful and where Magic Reflect will rarely activate.

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low mana: Perfect match for Defender. It's a magical monster in itself, but that can be overlooked because Defender is used for support and not attack.

Earthquake: a good alternative to flying monsters in earthquake matches is to increase the amount of armor on your monsters.

All-Sneak and Melee Mayhem: Your opponent will likely use a lot of melee attackers. Then pair some Thorns monsters with Defender and watch your opponent break his own teeth.

So these would be good cards to look for and start well in the game with some ideas for use depending on your strategy and rules. Of course, it will all depend on what you have at hand and what your opponent can do, but with these initial ideas, you can get ahead of some enemies in your first fights.

Prepare for combat in Splinterlands

Splinterlands is the next generation of collectible card games. It allows players to collect, trade, and battle proven digital collectible cards with real-world value. Each battle is a unique challenge consisting of dynamically created combat rules, creating a well-coordinated team ready for each battle. Splinterlands combines the collecting ability and resale value of physical card games with the convenience and speed of a digital game. The game is available on PC, Android and iOS.

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If you have questions about the game, please leave it there in the comments. Also take the time to read more about criptomoedas on our website and also learn more about two cryptocurrency games, Illuvium e Axie Infinity, for those who like Pokémon-style games.

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