How to play the Trash to Luxury challenge in The Sims 4

When The Sims 4 becomes repetitive, you can try a challenge to make it more interesting. Meet the challenge from Garbage to Luxury

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When you start The Sims 4 everything is new. You build a family, make your sim, start looking for secrets, interact with other sims and discover everything the game offers. But over time it can become a little repetitive and the game becomes just a bunch of stuff you've done before. However, it doesn't have to be that way.

We publish an article with tips on how to make the most fun game again, with simple tips that can give the game a new freshness, including buying a game pack or maybe downloading some custom content. However, if you want to do something different, maybe you can try a challenge from The Sims.

Challenges were created by the community of players since the first version of the game and bring a type of objective to be achieved by the player, completing steps and performing actions, as if it were a traditional game. And we're going to introduce perhaps the most famous of all The Sims challenges which is called Rags to Riches, or as it came to be known around here, From Trash to Luxury.

From Trash to Luxury

Poverty to Wealth Challenges are some of my favorites to play because your sim's family starts with 0 simoleons (after buying a lot) and works its way up to a real home and a happy family.

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Basically the challenge is to start a house with no money, not have an official job and succeed in life, with a family, two children, a mansion and a swimming pool. You can marry, but you cannot take your spouse's money with you. This is a challenge that can be very difficult or very easy, depending mainly on the expansion packs you have.

It's not as easy as it sounds, as a simple “motherlode” would solve your problem. So, to make things more interesting, here are the rules for the From Trash to Luxury challenge.

Xbox Series S console
  • Exclusive use for digital games; the console does not play physical discs
  • 8K: Requires compatible content and display
  • 120 FPS: Requires compatible content and screen
  • State-of-the-art performance and speed in a compact, all-digital format.
  • 4K Streaming Playback and 4K Upscaling for Games


There are certain key objectives that you are not allowed to complete until you complete the Mandatory Steps that accompany them. These side challenges can be found in the Mandatory Steps section. You must complete the mandatory steps before you can get a job, build your house, and start your family.

• Don't use any tricks unless it's for a bug, taking your money or allowing you to move objects.

• You or your spouse are not allowed to work until you meet mandatory work requirements. If you have more than one playable sim in your house, each of them must meet the requirements.

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• You can't put anything on your Sims' lot before unlocking the mandatory steps for building a house. Items your sim can carry can be placed on the ground or used in their own lot, except seeds.

• You are not allowed to place items outside the walls of your home or use seeds until you complete the mandatory steps to build a garden.

• Before having a bed, you must use public places to sleep; you cannot put the bed on public land. Outdoor retreat users can use a tent if they want, but you must earn money to buy it and it cannot be placed on your home lot. When your friendship level is full with a sim, you can stay at his house one night a week if you wish.

You must count the days and on the seventh day you can have them again. While staying at their home for one night, you are allowed to eat and eat as many meals as you like, but you cannot take them with you. You can make a plate of food before you leave the house to take with you when you leave. Don't sleep in any Sim's house at any other time until you have your own bed.

• You can dig through trash for food, public garden plants, or cook on outdoor grills until you've built your house.

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from trash to luxury

• If you decide to add Sims other than their spouse and children, they cannot work at all or earn money from hobbies such as painting.

• If you are part of a club that can earn money by painting, writing, etc. You cannot keep the money earned from selling these items until you have completed all of the main objectives. However, you can hang the paintings in your home or delete them all.

• If you live in the city, you can move your sim into an apartment, but you must follow all the challenge requirements. You have to delete everything from the apartment and get rid of all your money. You must eventually work your way up to the hedge so you can complete the garden challenge.

• Your lifespan can be set as you wish for this challenge, you can even turn aging off to be able to finish the entire challenge.

Main Game Challenge Objectives (not optional)

A fully furnished house with:
• At least 3 bedrooms.
• A kitchen.
• A dinner room.
• At least 2 bathrooms.
• A family or living room.
• A study with at least one computer.
• An outdoor garden. (If using city life, you must have coverage to achieve this goal)
• A pool.

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Have a family:

• Marry a sim (you can create a sim or marry one that is already in the game, but you must get rid of all your possessions and money before getting married).
• Become a grandparent. Have a career:
• Choose any career of your choice, you can use On the Job or any regular job. You can also manage a restaurant or store.
• Earn Lifetime Entrepreneur Reward.
• Reach level 10 in the career field of your choice / Or, if you are running your own business, earn $100.000 from your business and have your employees fully trained.


• Complete at least one aspiration goal for your original sim and your husband or wife.
• Complete an aspiration for each child you have. (You can do this in childhood or make things harder for yourself and get it when they become adults.)

How to Play the Trash to Luxury Challenge in the Sims 4 | a73c1661 | married games tips/guides | electronic arts, maxis, pc, playstation, playstation 4, singleplayer, steam, the sims 4, xbox, xbox one | from garbage to luxury

Financial Goal:

• Have a house that is worth at least $100.000.
• Have at least $200.000 in the bank. (If you want a more difficult challenge, increase this goal to $500.000 or even $1.000.000.) Required Steps Before completing the main goals for this challenge, you must meet the qualifications listed below. After completing one of these goals, you can move to the main goal that it is paired with.

Mandatory steps to build a house:

• You must have a level 5 mechanic skill and 3 level logic skill.
• You must pay a $500 fine to the city for noise disturbances before building begins.

Mandatory steps to build a garden:

• You must complete the mandatory steps to build a house.
• You must have your mechanic skill up to level 7 and your gardening skill up to level 5 before you can start building or placing items outside.
• You must have at least one bedroom with a bed, a bathroom with toilet and shower, a living room/kitchen (it can be a bedroom, but you must have these basic items), refrigerator, counter, sink, stove, table , chair, fire alarm and a sofa.
• Projects cost $500.

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Mandatory steps to get a job:

• You must have a home address before applying for a job. Complete the mandatory steps to build a house.
• Have one of each in your home: a bed, a bathroom, a shower, a sink, a stove, a counter, a chair, and a refrigerator.
• Pay $1000 for a college degree to start your career.

Mandatory steps to have a family:

• Before marrying a sim, you must have a starting home for them to live.
• Every child you have must maximize all of their abilities as a child before they can grow old.
• To reach the age of a teenager, each child must complete one of these options: have 5 levels in any 1 skill and perfect grades, or 10 levels in one skill.
• To level up to a young adult, your sim must complete one of these options: Have 5 levels in 2 skills and a part-time job or 10 levels in 2 skills.
• You must pay for and host a wedding every time a pair of Sims are getting married.

How to Play the Trash to Luxury Challenge in the Sims 4 | c65fe66d | married games tips/guides | electronic arts, maxis, pc, playstation, playstation 4, singleplayer, steam, the sims 4, xbox, xbox one | from garbage to luxury

Have fun with the Sims

the sims is a simulator developed by Maxis and published by EA Games. In it you create your characters, build houses however you want, you can get a job, relationships, raise a family or do whatever you want. The franchise has several titles and several spin-offs, released for PC and several consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Wii and even for Sega's Mega Drive.

Tell us if you're excited about playing The Sims 4 challenges again? Did you manage to evolve from Trash to Luxury? Did you find the challenge difficult? Leave it in the comments and read more about The Sims on our website.

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