Crossfire Minimum and Recommended Requirements for PC

crossfire requirements: You've definitely heard of the Crossfire, a game of the genre of FPS which arrived in Brazil only in 2011 and which is still, to this day, one of the most popular first person shooters in our country. Like Counter Strike, Crossfire is well known for being precisely a game that delivers what it proposes, bluntly, just the good old duel between teams, in addition to requiring at least one computer simpler to run without major problems.

Crossfire minimum and recommended requirements for pc
Crossfire Minimum and Recommended Requirements for PC

The game contains something like 17 different modes, so you can play with your friends. And, if you are interested in playing, find out here in this article if your PC has at least the minimum requirements or the recommended requirements for a better performance and enjoy the game to the fullest! But before we get started, how about finding out more about Crossfire? Check below requirements and more about the game:

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Learn more about Crossfire game modes

Crossfire minimum and recommended requirements for pc
Crossfire Minimum and Recommended Requirements for PC
  • Look for and destroy: The Black List group's goal is to detonate the bomb at strategic locations on the map, while Global Risk is there to prevent that from happening. With lots of action and elaborate tactics, this is Search & Destroy!
  • Team Confrontation: Two teams face off to the death! The team that gets the most kills is the big winner. This is the formula for Team Confrontation!
  • Every man for himself: Total insanity. Everyone against everyone. Shoot first, ask later. Welcome to Cada 1 for You.
  • Elimination: Mode suitable for more experienced players, because when you die, you must wait for the next round to return to battle. The structure of the Mode is similar to that of Confrontation Between Teams.
  • Escape Mode: The Global Risk team must prevent the Black Lists from escaping through portals located in strategic parts of the maps. Of course, all this with lots of ammo.
  • Super Soldier: A mix of Battle Mode and Clash between Teams, Super Soldier brings all classes of Battle Mode, with the frenetic action of Clash between Teams.
  • Ghost Mode: The Black List group managed to develop a technology capable of making its soldiers invisible. These soldiers are known as Ghosts. The objective of the Ghosts is to detonate the C4 or eliminate all enemy soldiers. Global Risk, armed to the teeth, are there to prevent that from happening. Which team will win?
  • Shadow Mode: The Shadows, invisible soldiers that can only be detected in certain places on the map, want to wipe out any and all traces of Global Risk soldiers on earth. In turn, Global Risk must eliminate this sneaky threat to continue to progress as a mercenary organization.
  • Zombie Mode: A plague has infected millions of human beings. Under threat of being wiped out, rival groups Black List and Global Risk are forced to join forces to stay alive. Four mercenaries together face endless waves of undead. This is Zombie Mode.
  • Hero Mode: the Hero of FAL-CAMO has arrived to eliminate all mutants, who in turn try to turn all humans into their servants.
  • Hero X Mode: Mutant threats, along with the leader Zenos, infect and turn human soldiers into hideous creatures. As the only salvation, the last surviving soldier becomes the mighty Hero-X, a character armed with powerful deadly Kukris, being the only one capable of putting an end to mutants.
  • Battle Mode: The big objective of each team is to destroy all the Towers and the Enemy Base. They have various reinforcements such as air strikes, supply crates, mortars, soldier classes and much more!
  • Mutation Mode: The classic way in which Soldiers must annihilate all mutants trying to infect as many humans as possible. This is the famous Mutant Mode.
  • Ghost Mode vs. Mutants: Invisible ghosts face mutants in search of victory (and blood). This is Mutant vs Ghost Mode.
  • Deathblade: Ninja soldiers with swords invade CrossFire to annihilate any mutants that survived the Global Risk team's onslaught.
  • Ranked: Game mode for specific ranks only. It consists of playing, earning points and trying to earn medals (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master). Each victory gives you more points and each defeat takes you out of points.
  • Bombing: In Bombing Mode both GR and BL need to locate the GPS Device which will randomly appear in one of the 3 locations on the map. Once one of the teams manages to find this device, they will have 90 seconds to advance through enemy territory and trigger the device that will trigger a Bombardment on enemy territory.

Crossfire Minimum Requirements

Operational systemWindow® 7 32-bit
Processor (CPU)AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4600+ 2.4GHz
Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T6400 2.0GHz
ProcessorIntel Pentium E2180 (2*2000) or equivalent
MemoryRAM 4GB
Video cardNVIDIA® GeForce® 9500 GT
AMD Radeon ™ HD 6450
Intel® HD Graphics 3000
DirectXDirectX© 9.0c
disk space15 GB available space

Crossfire Recommended Requirements

Operational systemWindow® 7/8/10 64-bit
Processor (CPU)AMD Ryzen™ 3 1200 Processor @ 3.1GHz (4 Cores), ~3.4GHz
Intel® Core™ i5-3470 Processor @ 3.20GHz (4 Cores),~3.2GHz
ProcessorIntel Pentium E2180 (2*2000) or equivalent
MemoryRAM 8GB
Video cardNVIDIA® GeForce® GT 630
AMD Radeon ™ HD 6570
Intel® HD Graphics 6000
DirectXDirectX© 11 or higher
disk space15 GB available space


Where can I download and install Crossfire?

You can download the game from the game's official website, by clicking here, you will be redirected to the download page, where you can choose between downloading the game in part or in whole.

More about Crossfire

Crossfire minimum and recommended requirements for pc
Crossfire Minimum and Recommended Requirements for PC

CrossFire, Cross Fire or CF is an online first person shooter published by the South Korean group NEOWIZ. The game was launched in China by the company Tencent, and the same operates the game over the internet, on Chinese domains supported by the companies China Telecom and China Netcom. In late 2011 the game was released to Brazil.

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CrossFire 2.0 is the second major update after v1.1. The update includes several content and changes, keeping the initial content intact, with few exceptions like the main menus and standard characters.

In CrossFire there are two global mercenary forces, which are in a conflict that never ends. Players take on the role of one of the villains of the Black List terrorist organization or the police forces of the Global Risk organization, engaging in an online battle where players must work as a team to reach the objective of each map or mission.

There are 10 game modes, including: Deathblade Mode, Team Death Match (team confrontation), Search & Destroy (search and destroy), Elimination (elimination), Ghost Mode (ghost mode), Free-for-All (each one by itself), Mutation Mode (mutation mode), Escape Mode (escape), Hero Mode (hero mode), Zombie Mode (zombie mode) and Wave Mode (battle mode).

Based on the performance that each player had in the game, he will receive experience points to level up, get new weapons and also credits (GP – Game Points) to buy weapons among other things. Players also have the power to customize their character, adding bags, glasses or switching weapons. 

CrossFire is a free game and is available to players in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South America (Latin America, more specifically in Brazil), Europe, Philippines, Russia, Japan, Vietnam, China and South Korea. they can also buy paid points (ZP – Z8 Points) to have more privileges in relation to the weapons and characters in the game. This game is one of the only games nowadays that runs on less powerful computers.

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Street: Wikipedia/Crossfire

Crossfire Minimum and Recommended Requirements for PC

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