Find out how to get Iron in Valheim

Valuable and essential for your weapons and armor, learn how to find iron shafts in Valheim and turn it into essential resources on your journey.

One of the most valuable resources for Vikings, as well as for humanity in general, iron changed the course of history, allowing us to create stronger weapons and armor, more resistant structures, domestic utensils and different tools. And in Valheim's game the story could not be different.

Here we will talk a little about how to find and use this very important resource to improve your villages and utensils. Follow with us a guide to find Ferro in Valheim.

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Time to start working No. iron in Valheim

Finding Resources in Valhaim é Ferro

There is no exact location of the ore on the map, as, as players know, each map is randomly generated and it would not do to show an image of the location. However, the iron always appears in the third biome that the player finds, the Swamps, and can be mined in the Submerged Caves.

To gain access to them, you must defeat the second boss, the Elder, and get the key to the Submerged Crypts. Prepare your best equipment and lots of fire arrows if you want that key, because the "Old Man" will not hand it over with a kiss! With that we go after the precious iron in Valheim.

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Iron in valheim
There is iron there somewhere in the middle of this goo

Using the key, just look for the Muddy Scrap Piles inside the Crypts and take the much desired iron ore to a safe place and melt it. You can also find some Scrap Piles along the way in the Swamp, but the locations will always be well protected. There you go to balance the cost-benefit of mining them or not. Nobody will give you iron in Valheim for free.

Time to Heat Things Up

With your iron ores in hand (and kept in a safe place), you must be already thinking about what you will do with them? A sword? Armor? Nothing like that! First you must turn them into Iron itself, so that yes, you can start enjoying this valuable resource.

Find out how to get iron in valheim | 0e3ba955 iron | married games tips/guides | coffee stain studios, iron gate, linux, multiplayer, pc, steam, valheim | iron in valheim
Iron Scrap and Iron Bar

For that, you need an Furnace. To make one you need 20 stones and 20 Surtling Cores (this item can be found in funeral chambers in the Black Forest, but of course, you will not go in there and pick them up easily. The chambers are protected by skeletons and other monsters Now, if you already have one, let's move on to the next step.

With the furnace, you can fuse a piece of scrap iron to a bar of iron, at the cost of two pieces of coal. And, to no one's surprise, getting coal is also not as simple as it sounds. You need a Coal Oven, which costs 20 stones and 5 Surtling Cores (there we go to face the skeletons again) to be done. With it, just put wood, found almost everywhere (finally something easy to achieve in this game).

With all this in hand, it's time to start producing pieces of iron and make the history of your village accelerate in a few thousand years. Who knows, in some updates, you will not build cars or rockets?

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Did you think you were going to have Ferro in Valheim to do everything?

Found it wrong, viking !!

Iron is a very difficult resource to obtain and it is very likely that you have a few bars ready to be turned into something useful, and no, think about what you are going to do before you spend it. Of course, you can always go after more and get others, but as you have seen, it is not an easy task.

What will you do? A pick to get more rocks and mine more iron? A weapon or armor? Defeating enemies and bosses more easily is not a bad idea. You can build a Stone Cutting Bench (10 made of wood, 2 made of iron and 4 made of stone) and improve your base. Here is a list of what you can build and forge with your Iron pieces:

Find out how to get iron in valheim | 7c732ec9 image 2021 03 30 135514 | married games tips/guides | coffee stain studios, iron gate, linux, multiplayer, pc, steam, valheim | iron in valheim
QWhen you see your ax opening the monsters' heads, you think “it was worth it”
  • iron atgeir
  • Iron ax
  • iron pickaxe
  • Battleax
  • Huntsman bow
  • ironhead arrow
  • iron sword
  • iron longword
  • iron helmet
  • iron scale mail
  • iron greaves
  • iron tower shield
  • iron nails
  • iron mace
  • banded shield
  • stonecutter
  • Smith's anvil
  • Forge tool rack
  • wood iron pole
  • wood iron beam
  • iron gate
  • Reinforced chest
  • personal chest
  • standing iron torch

Living the Viking Life

Valheim is a survival and open-world game based on Norse mythology and is in early access. It was developed by Iron Gate Studio and published by Coffee Stain Studios. It is available for Windows and Linux. Access the official website to learn more or visit the Steam Store and guarantee yours.

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