Steam: How to download games while playing

Are you trying to do your Steam download your games while playing a game? So enjoy this tutorial that I’ll show you a very detailed step by step to leave your Steam more your face.

You probably already know the Steam, which is a platform that distributes games in digital format for download made by Valve in 2003.

According to standard Steam behavior, pausing game downloads when a game is started is paramount so that there is no interference in the gameplay of user.

However, we are always discovering new features that help us a lot on a daily basis, being one of them, being able to download the games you want to install, while playing at the same time.

Step1: Booting Steam

Steam - home
Steam - Home Page

Right away when we open our library Steam, by default, we come across the image above which is the steam store, we can find the main titles for sale or the most recommended ones based on the games you own.

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Step 2: Accessing the settings to download games while playing on Steam

Once opened, you must go to the settings, clicking Steam in the upper right corner of the screen and then Settings (as in the images below)

Steam - main options menu for accessing settings
Steam – Main Options Menu to Access Settings
Steam - context menu to access settings
Steam - Context menu to access settings

Step 3: Steam Download Settings

Then we must look for the Downloads tab in the settings, it is on the left side of the window that we open, if you have doubts just look at the image below.

Anyway, check the box for the option “Allow downloads while playing”And confirm with“OK".

Steam - download settings to allow downloading while playing
Steam – Download Settings to allow downloading while playing

That's it, now your Steam will download games while you play. If it is paused, just click RESUME in the downloads tab and it's just joy!

Downloading games while playing on Steam is good, but a warning!

Whenever you download and play your games from Steam simultaneously, be careful!

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Because this can harm your Gameplay if you are playing something that depends on the internet, here's the tip!

Undoubtedly, this tutorial deserves sharing, doesn't it?

So take advantage and leave a comment down there telling me what you think or even if you want to ask for another tutorial.

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