The Division 2: Promotion leaves the game for less than $ 10

The game The Division 2, launched in 2019 by Ubisoft, went on sale at the developer's store and is costing R $ 9,00. On the Xbox One and PS4 consoles, the game went to R $ 9,95 and R $ 9,99 respectively. The promotion started yesterday (11) at the Microsoft Store, and will last for the next 13 days.

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But, for PC players who want to pay even cheaper, today (12), the price of the game at the Epic Games Store has been updated, also coming in at the trifle of R $ 7,99.

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But why is the game so cheap?

The Division 2 went on sale after the company announced a new DLC called “Warlords of New York”; That was announced on a live on the morning of the 11th. The DLC is scheduled to launch on the 3rd of March, and takes the player to the same scenario as his younger brother, the first The Division. In the DLC, you go on a hunt after Aaron Keener, who is a former Division agent, however, he cheated on her and brought together New York factions. Its mission, however, is to prevent it from releasing a new virus.

The division 2 cheap

The game, although recent is already relying on its third DLC; Recalling that it was announced during E3 2019 without many details. Their first DLC was called "DC outskirts", launched in July 2019, and the second was "Pentagon: The Last Castle", where players faced off against the enemy faction Black Tust in 3 unpublished missions.

About The Division 2

The Division 2 is the second game in the The Division franchise, and tells the story of a team of elite soldiers called the Division. You are the commander of this team after a major outbreak of smallpox in Washington, DC. Your goal is simple: restore order and prevent the entire city from collapsing. Therefore, the game also features elements of progression, action, shooting and RPG.

Anyway, remembering that if you want to purchase the game, it is available on epic Games, Microsoft Store e PSN.

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