Bunker Warzone 11: Location of bunkers and how to access

Call of Duty: War zone received an update from Activision; where it is now possible to access the bunkers. Inside them players can find several loot boxes; as well as easter egg which might be about the next CoD game; which is rumored to be Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. See everything you need to know how, location of bunkers and telephones; as well as everything about Bunker Warzone 11 and how to access it.

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Call of duty: warzone received a new update released on Tuesday (19) by activision; where it is now possible to access the bunkers.
bunker 05

About the Warzone Bunker

Bunkers were initially something mysterious, apparently only aesthetic, part of the scene; but with the last update we saw that it’s not quite that. They can be accessed through a red card found in loot boxes, which until then was useless.

Like high-level loot, bunkers have some secrets, such as locked rooms and a mysterious message found in the update notes, which attracted a lot of attention. Such message is censored, being a code of espionage with a very common style within the games of the franchise.

The message can be translated as: “Station number is from Yellow Protocol. Activate the system . for entry. Waiting for the correct authorization ”.

The players also found inside the bunkers a phone that was inside one of the locked rooms of the number 11 warzone bunker, but of course the players managed to reach it by drone. The phone for another code, this time in Russian; check out:

At first, when translating a message over the phone, it looks something like this:
- For all units! The base is captured, change the encryption!
- Now…
- 6 2 3
- You heard?"

Some players reported that the codes passed to them via the phones were different. In addition, it is possible to listen to messages in random locations, not just by phone, but not by everyone as well, but that during a game the code is the same for everyone, but at each game the codes are different.

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Warzone bunkers location

First check out the location of all eleven current Call of Duty: Warzone warzone bunker; as well as where to find access cards.

All warzone bunkers
All bunkers

bunker 01

The first warzone bunker is southwest of Boneyard and west of the train station.

Call of duty: warzone bunker 01 location
Location 01

bunker 02

The second can be accessed by entering Boneyard and Storage Town.

Call of duty: warzone bunker 02 location
Location 02

bunker 03

The third Warzone bunker is close to the Superstore

Call of duty 03
Location 03

bunker 04

The fourth is southwest of the military base and north of the airport.

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Location 04

bunker 05

The fifth warzone bunker is south of the military base.

Location 05

bunker 06

The sixth is east of the quarry and north of Lumber.

Location 06
06 Location 06

bunker 07

The seventh Bunker Warzone is to the northeast of the stadium.

Location 07

bunker 08

The eighth warzone bunker is also to the northeast of the stadium.

Location 8
Location 08

bunker 09

The ninth is northeast of the prison.

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Call of Duty Bunker 9
Location 09

bunker 10

The tenth warzone bunker is on the coast, south of Park.

Call of Duty Bunker 10
Location 10

bunker 11

The eleventh and last is at the northwestern northwestern tip of the military base.

call of duty bunkers
Location 11

The update of the week allowed players to open the ten bunkers and also how to use the phones and so after that they found the eleventh bunker where new mysteries emerged.

To open the number 11 bunker, players must first activate one of the phones scattered around the map, which will then receive an access code in Russian. So the code can be used for activation; and use the three corresponding phones in order.

How to access the Warzone 11 Bunker

Bunker warzone 11, location of bunkers and how to access
Phones for the initial message in Russian

More specifically, you need to visit one of the five phones above to get the initial message. As soon as you jump off the plane you have to go to one of the phones and check them out. If you hear a dial tone, then you are on the wrong phone.

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However, if you hear the Russian bunker commander speaking numbers then you are in the right place. The message starts with a short jingle and ends when you play a jingle again.

So if you don't know Russian as I don't, you can use a website to translate it as Russian Lessons; where you can see the numbers from 1 to 10 in Russian, where you can click on play to hear them. I already say that the number zero is "zol", easy right? KK

After you have translated the three numbers from the first message then it is time to move on to the second step. You will have to go to the three phones corresponding to the numbers you heard and in order to receive a message in Morse code. See the map of the location of the phones for Morse code messages.

Map of the location of phones with message in Morse code
Map of the location of phones with message in Morse code

When you get on the phone and receive your Morse code, you need to decipher it or not, because what you heard translates to the same numbers you heard before; so after accessing the three phones you can finally go to bunker 11.

The Warzone Bunker 11

As you approach the warzone 11 bunker the light will be green and you will be able to interact with the keyboard next to the door, now you are inside! Now you can get the Mud Drauber SMG that will be added to your account, so far it is not permanent, but it will probably be fixed and will be permanently linked to the account.

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Location of call of duty warzone bunkers and telephones
Location of warzone bunkers and phones

In the same way it is worth mentioning that inside it also has what appears to be a nuclear bomb being built, what will be the meaning of this? Anyway, inside a room, there is a double screen computer on the wall, with problems. So interact with it to restart it, which will start a timer in the next room, counting down from 10 seconds. When it reaches 2, it will be triggered and restart the countdown.

As well as there is a room with a nuclear warhead that possibly leads to more mysteries and easter eggs that indicate the new Call of Duty. Just across the bunker, you can crawl through a hole in the wall to find a red button. Press and the smoke will clear the window, revealing a nuclear bomb being built.

Where to find access cards in Warzone

Well there is no way to find the access cards easily, as they are found at random through the loot boxes throughout the map. However, if you find a card just go to one of the top ten bunkers and approach the door, if the light turns green you can enter. Within them you will find good items that can help you win the match. But unfortunately no one has yet figured out how to open the secondary doors.

So it was also discovered by dataminers the existence of other access cards, which are green and blue next to the red ones. It is not yet known what these new cards do or open, but the great chances are that they are for the doors inside the bunkers.

Now that you know all about the location of the bunkers and how to access them, it's time to get in the game and show it to friends

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More rumors and details about the new Bunker Warzone update

In addition, references to a nuclear warhead, with the name “nuke_coreless”, were found in the game code, which shows that it has no nucleus. As well as exploding remote control car models and a U-2 spy plane, which was common at the time of the Cold War. Find out how Warzone will connect with the next games from Call of Duty franchise.

Sledgehammer, an Activision studio that is dedicated to Call of Duty, is working on two new games. Reinforcing the direction that a great new game in the franchise will be released in 2020.

Anyway, probably the censored parts and most of the mysteries may be related to some event that possibly will be launched by Activision during the fourth season; which starts next Tuesday, May 26th. That way we can expect more surprises related to this very soon. Currently Call of Duty: Warzone is a free battle royale; available for PC via Battle.net, PS4 and Xbox One. Check out the Official Site of Call of Duty: Warzone.

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