Unlock All Inazuma's achievements

With the arrival of the new Genshbin Impact region came many new achievements and opportunities to earn primes. Let's help you with this guide to Inazuma's achievements

Inazuma achievements
The Raiden Shogun Palace

Achievements! An easy way to gain primes and accumulate them to make that last wish and get, perhaps, the long dreamed of five star characters or that weapon you were needing to complete your build. And if you're looking for Inazuma's achievements and how to do them, then you've come to the right place.

There are 59 new group achievements named “This is an order” in version 2.0, but this guide will show those that are not part of world quests and are not easily found by markers on maps or automatically acquired by following the game's story, the which gives you a total of 31 achievements to unlock. Each gives about 5 to 10 primes, so on average you'll get about 200 primes or a little more. It's not much, but "for those who don't have anything, half is double!"

Inazuma's Achievements Guide in Genshin Impact

1 – “Yamada Go's Wooden Hammer”

Description: You must find across the islands this adorable little animal known as "Bake-Danuki", where as you approach it will ring a bell and then disappear and reappear in another location, chase it and in the end it transforms into an object that must be interacted with to reveal it and you will receive a reward for the act, by unraveling your illusions several times you will also receive the achievement.

2 – "Kujirai Technique, Temari Jutsu"

Description: When leaving "Ritou" you end up meeting for the first time the "Kujirai Boy" who will teach you a fun hide and find game called "Temari", after disappearing you can find the boy scattered in 6 locations informed below.

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  • Cliff southwest of “Araumi”
  • East side next to Shogun's castle in “Inazuma”
  • Inside the bones in "Serpent's Head" on "Yashiori Island"
  • Underground in the caves in the "Mina Jakotsu" (one way to get in is to open the hatch with a key in the same place on the snake's head where the boy is, but there are several other passages)
  • On the lower hill near the northwest coast of “Tatarasuna”
  • Further south of “Tatarasuna” near the cliffs

3 – "Life of Temari"

Description: After completing 3x the challenges of “Kujirai” he will release for you the game's multiplayer mode and with this ask another player to participate in a game you are hosting.

4 – “Paimon's Lucky Day!”

Description: In the “Great Sanctuary of Narukami” you will find “Gendou Ringo” an intriguing priestess who has the task of looking after the boxes of lucky rolls. Talk to her daily to decide your luck, by taking a roll of “Great Fortune/Luck” you receive the achievement.

5 – "Snake Eyes"

Description: The same applies if you roll a “Big Curse/Bad Luck” roll.

6 – “Iwakura Bugeichou”

Description: Witness the end of the Iwakura Technique, locating and defeating all 8 samurai scattered across the map.

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  • Shimada Shichirouji: Behind the walls in “Fort Mumei”
  • Okazaki Kunihiko: On a giant rock in the “Byakko Plain”
  • Katayama Tatsumi: On the cliff next to “Maguu Kenki's” teleport
  • Tanba Tetsuo: In a hole south of “Tatarasuna”
  • Mifune Satoshi: Inside the underground cave that leads to "Mechanical Formation"
  • Iwakura Kouzou: On the cliff next to “Kujou Barracks”
  • Okazaki Toraemon and Yanagiha Arashi: Returning to the giant rock in “Byakko Plain” after defeating number 6.

NOTE: When defeating the last 2 samurai you receive 2 swords that must be placed together in the same place and thus receive a luxurious chest with the achievement.

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7 – “Who Loose the Dogs”

Description: In "Island Jinren" you find "Toratarou" a trapped little dog that must be saved with a metal key, when you search the boxes on the island you get the key and when you release it you receive the achievement.

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Poor dog =(

8 – “They Must Not Age”

Description: Collect 6 dendrobes and pay homage to the dead by placing the flowers on their headstones.


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  • On a small island beside the "Musoujin Gorge"
  • On the edge of the bones next to "Forte Fujitou"
  • Below the cliff on the beach at “Vila Higi”
  • On the island cliff south of the “Mina Jakotsu”
  • In the corners of the wall below the teleport next to "Maguu Kenki"
  • Inside the hole between the bones in the "Serpent's Head"

NOTE: Currently contains a bug where only people who deliver directly to 6 locations receive the achievement, if you have not done this and logged out continuing later, the achievement will not be received at the end, so we have to wait for the repair reporting to feedback.

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To solve the puzzle of the levers, just activate them in the following order:

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9 – "Oh, Humanity!"

Description: Witness the Fate of the Samurai "Inaba Kyuuzou". For this achievement you must save him in the big broken boat of “Nazuchi Beach” and defeat all the enemy samurai that remain on the beach, after that return to report what happened and you will find a note in the place. Go to the indicated location and defeat the 3 samurai to get the achievement.

10 – “An Empty Soul”

Description: Beside the "Serpent's Head" you will find a mini shrine and a samurai called "Washizu", when talking to him pray in the temple for 3x and perform the same procedure and visit the site in the next 3 days. Each day visited after prayers you will collect a chest at the location and on the third day you will be attacked, defeat “Washizu” and go to the location indicated by your tickets to collect a new chest and your achievement.

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Orobashi's head

11 – “Guide to a Deserted Island”

Description: For this achievement you must find all 5 shrines on “Yashiori Island” and discover the mystery of the island looking for the tracks and whereabouts of the mother of the little boy “Chouji”.

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  • Northeast of the teleport next to "Maguu Kenki" below the mountain on the wall.
  • To the west of the same teleport right next to “Maguu Kenki” at the bottom of the mountain.
  • Crossing the boss's location towards the southwest, you'll find a samurai in front of the shrine.
  • Going a little further south you will find “Chouji's” house and on the right side the shrine with an electro barrier, collect an electrograin nearby to gain access to the place.
  • Teleport to the "Statue of the Seven" in "Villa Higi", heading south on the edge of a canyon you find the last shrine and acquire the conquest.

12 – “…And I would walk over 3000KM”

Description: After you complete the previous world missions where “Chouji” asks you to collect 12 “crystal marrows” and find him in his little house to learn the food recipe. Visit the house again the next day and talk to “Chouji”, deliver 12 more “crystal marrows” and then he will inform you that he is going to look for his mother to find her and comments that you can find him in “Tatarasuna” and on “Narukami Island”. Go to the locations indicated below to find it, purchase chests and the achievement.


  • Teleport to the "Statue of the Seven" in "Tatarasuna" and on the side of the road down the hill get the chest and talk to "Chouji" again
  • Now head to the "Inazuma" teleport on your way east to a small shrine after the bridge, collect the chest and talk to "Chouji" again to receive your achievement

13 – "Doctor's Odyssey"

Description: After completing the world mission to help “Yasumoto” by delivering “Herbs Naku” in order to aid his research, when visiting his house next to “Fort Fujitou”, he requests that you keep the stock of “Herbs Naku” daily in a basket to discover the cure of the disease that haunts the island. For 3 days put 12 “Herbs Naku” in the basket and at each visit the following day you will receive a chest at the site at the end of the third day the herbs have not been collected and you must find out what happened to “Yasumoto”.

Follow his trail with elemental vision in the locations below to find his 3 “Pharmaceutical Notebooks” and acquire the achievement:

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  • Location of "Yasumoto" house
  • The first notebook is on top of the boxes in the abandoned camp
  • The second notebook is heading south beside the snake bones on top of some rocks beside the little road
  • The third notebook is facing east on the rocks below a tree near the ruins.
  • After reading the 3 notebooks go to the last location south of "Mina Jakotsu" to collect the chest and the achievement

14 – “For What We Fight”

Description: Find the "nameless samurai" north of the teleport of "Tatarasuna" and help him regain consciousness through duels and requests, when completing the task you will receive the achievement.

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The fight takes on an Akira Kurosawa movie vibe

15 – “Oowazamono”

Description: Upon completing the previous quest "14 - Why we fight", if you talk to "Masanori" (the unnamed samurai) he will invite you to duels, to acquire this achievement you must defeat him in less than 30 seconds

NOTE: This achievement can be done in multiplayer mode

16 – “Thank you, come back often” and “Segundo Florescer”

Prize = (Arrow diagram “Break – Demons)

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Description: On the north coast of “Tatarasuna” you will find in a shell house “Takashi”, a merchant who proposes you a deal “exchange 3 shells for a choice of one of his 3 chests”.

– The shells are collected in the region itself in “bright spots” scattered along the beach

– You can only exchange 3 shells for one attempt when choosing the chests, but you can come back in the following days for a new chance and the shells come back to be collected again

– If you get the grand prize in the chest of “Takashi” you will receive the achievement

You can get 2 important items by opening the chests, they are:

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Which you must deliver to a girl named “Hanayama Kaoru” at this location below southwest of the “Statue of the Seven” in “Tatarasuna” (she will only appear after completing all steps of the “Tatara Tales” quest where you help Xavier to solve the furnace problems), when you deliver the bag you will receive a prize chest.

NOTE: Come back after another 2 days in a row to help Kaoru again and after the last day you will receive the new achievement "Segundo Florescer"

The second item, being the grand prize is:

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17 – "Chaos of Lightning"

Description: For this achievement, just go somewhere that has "Electric Storm" (high concentration of the electro element that damages your life) and be defeated.

18 – “Big Luck”

Description: Use the “Kamuijima Cannon” to open a treasure spot, aiming for the mountains south of “Tatarasuna” and clearing the way to the hidden domain to gain the conquest

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NOTE: To use the cannon you must have completed the world mission that destroys the furnace barrier and collect an electrograin in the vicinity

19 – “Great Tatara Blade”

Description: Inside the “Electric Storm” zone in the Furnace you find a cave sealed by a huge gate that requires 3 keys to open. Inside the location you receive a diagram of a certain weapon from the past (great sword from “Katsuragi”), a lost electroculus and conquer it.

Key location:

  • Inside the tower with electrical barrier in a chest.
  • Heading north of the teleport, falling off the cliff into a chest on the destroyed platform.
  • On top of the roof of the big house near the center of the map

20 – "The Cycle of Life and Death"

Description: Find the electrocuted katanas on "Yashiori Island" and bring peace to 12 dead Samurai.

NOTE: To activate the sword puzzle you must first touch an electrograin in the vicinity and then the katana, for the samurai spirit to appear.

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  • West side of the teleport on "Nazuchi Beach".
  • On the road on the east side of the “Autumn Garden” domain in the “Musoujin Gorge”.
  • Going farther southeast from the previous sword.
  • On the beach near the snake bones east of the "Mina Jakotsu".
  • Near the crossroads southwest of the “Serpent's Head”.
  • Below the big tree in the center of “Vila Higi”.
  • On the beach west of “Cabeça da Serpente”.
  • Next to “Estatua dos Sete” located in “Vila Higi”.
  • On the beach north of “Forte Fujitou”.
  • On the island south of “Forte Mumei”.

Next to the bones of the great serpent in “Musoujin Throat” (you need to solve the sword puzzle by following the electro seelie and touching the swords in the respective order)

By defeating all the samurai spirits and the final 2 enemies of puzzle “11” you get the achievement.

21 – “If I Run Real Fast…”

Description: Defeat a “Maguu Kenki” without getting hit by its ghost's attacks.

22 – "Let No One Interfere In This Solemn Matter!"

Description: Defeat the "Maguu Kenki" without activating the "Oushi no Omote" block (avoid using ranged attacks to not activate its auto block)

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23 – “Okay, I'll Do It Myself”

Description: Defeat a “Geo Primordial Dragon” without reflecting the “Primordial Rain” (just don't use a shield, to avoid damage you can use a healer or simply move out of range of your breath)

24 – "You Got Burned, Didn't You?"

Description: Defeat the "Hypostasis Pyro" that has been re-ignited twice.

25 – “Smells Like Animal Spirit!”

Description: Defeat the "Hypostasis Pyro" after being hit by its mimetic 3-hit combo (you must take damage from the 3 consecutive attacks it transforms into animals starting with "bull" >> "fish" >> "butterfly")

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We have a guide on the website that will help you in the fight.

26 – "Central Advance"

Description: Defeat the "Perpetual Mechanical Formation" after paralyzing all 4 types of your soldiers from the ruins. (When it splits into 4 smaller machines, you must defeat them all at least 1x and finally leave the one that has a "yellowish aura" around it, because if you kill it first it will disable the others without counting for the achievement , after defeating them all, you must kill the boss before it gets back together)

TIP: Try to leave the boss with low health before it performs the mechanic of summoning the 4 soldiers, if it still has a lot of life, make sure you have killed each one of the soldiers at least once, wait for it to return to normal and perform the mechanic again with little life and then defeat him.

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27 – "Can All Uninvolved Machines Leave Immediately?"

Description: Defeat the "Perpetual Mechanical Formation" without defeating any of its Ruins Soldiers.

TIP: The moment it splits, you shouldn't attack any of the machines, just run around the map and avoid further damage until after a while it automatically reassembles and then defeat it

28 – "Fight Fire With Fire"

Description: Defeat a "Kairagi: Blazing Power" while his weapon is infused with Pyro.

29 – “Ride on Lightning”

Description: Defeat a “Kairagi: Dancer Thunder” while his weapon is infused with Electro.

30 – "Thunder in the East"

Description: You must strike with a thunderbolt summoned by the storm a "Mitachurl of the Electro Ax"

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TIP: Go to the "Violet Garden" domain and put on the first difficulty (Valley of Lightning I) defeat all the monsters and just let the "Mitachurl Electro" receive some attack to be electrocuted and wait for the Mitachurl to raise his ax to attack him and so conduct the discharge itself, stay close to it to receive the achievement.

31 – “Hello! Anybody here?"

Description: Discover a secret passage in "Ritou".

Just go to the location below south of the teleport, behind a hut on the coast and start a mini-event with "Harrison" to acquire the achievement:

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Enter the trapdoor to earn the achievement

Inazuma Waits for You at Genshin Impact

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